Alcohol based markers - my new experience

Hello there, I really want to share with you my new experience in art and drawing practicing, hope you'll enjoy reading and the information will be useful for you!

A week an a few days ago I ordered a pack of 80 alcohol based markers, previously I have watched lots of art clips on YouTube featuring artists that where using them. 

It's one of my first experiences using this types of markers, I have a pack of ten markers like this at home in Romania, but I didn't really managed to figure out how to use them there - the time was short between buying them and my departure to the USA.

Since I have them here in the US I have managed to enjoy using them, to practice mixing the colors and to lay them on the paper, this stuff is fun. 

The brand that I have it's one less expensive - Caliart, you can see the link here.

What to Look for in Alcohol-Based Markers

  • Color brightness: The brightness of the colors, believe it or not, makes a difference when it comes to putting them on paper and getting the job done. You have to make sure that the color pops out of the page, and if it doesn’t, then the markers shouldn’t even make the list.
  • High-end tips: Tips that can do fine points, but also turn to do thicker lines is essential. Depending on the coloring or pictures you’re doing, you need to make sure you have the right lines for the job.
  • Fast drying: The markers should always be able to dry faster than some of the other options out there. You do not want smudges and smears across the paper, or your hand. Make sure to check out the drying times.
  • Many different colors in a set: Choosing a set that only has 6 to 8 different colors is not going to give you a variety to choose from. You need to go with colors that provide more than 12, so you have a wide selection and many options to choose from for all of the pictures you make or color.
I also have my color chart - with the three sets that I have now Caliart (80 pcs) and another two with 6 color skin tones and a pack of 12 with diffrent colors.

My tip for you when you buy a set with so many markers is to make a color chart to keep in front of you when using the markers. The colors of the caps is a little bit different than the colors on of the markers.

I have tried to do some portraits with them, I am still practicing using and mixing. I enjoy doing that.

The markers are dual tip:  Broad chisel (approx. 1-7mm) and fine point (approx. 0. 7mm) nibs for precise highlighting and underlining. Allowing you to write in both thin and thick lines, providing great versatility. 

My Caliart markers came in a black case so I can have them easily on my desk, I can store them and the markers won't need to much space. 

For me this set it was the best option, the quality of the markers are good, the price it was not high as I expected, a set like this by other brands can go up to 200 dollars. 

What is new about you? :D
I will post a little bit about thing I see here in Florida in short time, and maybe some drawing and paintings I made since I am here.