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New start, new place

EN> (RO mai jos) Hello everybody, nice to be here again for a while.  Long time of no see. I am starting this post in English with Romanian below. It's my third week in Florida and I am still accommodating with this place, people and schedule. This new cultural experience is very interesting.  Here people are usually smiling when you make visual contact with them - thing that in Romania is unusual and seen as very strange sometimes.  Hi, how are you? it's one of the common phrases they'll tell you when meeting someone, even you don't know the person. It's polite to answer back, don't enter in detail, just say that you are good and ask the other persons about herself/himself. Despite of Romania, here the people are all around the continent, and also from other places outside, like I am. Three days ago I went out with some friends and we stopped at the Mendel Public Library in West Palm Beach. We needed to cross a bridge and