Training experience in Denmark - first part - On my way to the project

I always wanted to try something new, to see some new things, to meet new people all around the world – or Europe at least. This wish is still in progress on me. This year I had other two kind of similar experiences. You can read the article about the one on Vilnius, Lithuania here
So, I’ve started searching the Internet for a new Erasmus+ experience. Social media gave me one like that in Denmark, somewhere near Copenhagen. 

My first questions were… is Denmark a very cold country? This what I have heard. I will be able to carry on enough warm clothes in my luggage? Critical thinking? Am I aware on this topic?

I have started my travelling plans, but some of them have changed suddenly near departure time. Oh no, what I am gonna do now???

So, I had to work fast, again. Depending on people? Yes, it’s troublesome – but I managed it somehow. 
I packed sufficient things on a suitcase, a backpack and a plastic bag with some brown bears and words “România neîmblânzită” on it. The translation for the words is ironically „Untamed Romania”. The bag is not elegant at all. Funny, right? Like the emotions I had.

I said farewell to my mother in the bus station and I’ve started my trip. In the bus just a few travelers – we were like four people there and three drivers. It’s not an easy thing to travel from Romania to Denmark by bus. But I did it. And I have survived. Both directions – somehow.

The destination – Copenhagen, or at least somewhere nearby, please. 
I’ve realized that they can let me somewhere nearby the place where we will have the project. I’ve asked the drivers to let me out there and then I sent a screenshot with a map to the organizer with the message: Can you please pick me from this Lidl near Korsør? His reply was just easy: Yes – are you there now? That moment I was wondering: Something is wrong, the things can go on so well??? I had a few kilometers to go, but it went well. 

In a few minutes I was in front of Lidl with my luggage and my Untamed Romania bag , waiting for someone to pick me up with a black car - that is what I was told. The bus drivers were waiting to see if I will continue my journey with them or someone will finally pick me up.

Around Lidl some teenager boys maybe wilder than the bears on my bag. It was dark, a little bit cold and I was still waiting for my black car to come and pick me up… I couldn’t understand a word from those boys. I was wondering if it’s Danish or kind of Arabic.  Maybe a mix of both languages. 
My black car arrived. I waved goodbye to the bus drivers and continued my journey. I was on my way to the project and everything went well.

The road to the chalet we stayed was so dark and wild like my forest on the bag, but without much forest. I saw a rabbit hopping on the fields and I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Finally at the project.

(to be continued)